Lifetime ban on asylum seekers, cruel and extreme

Image: 'Advocates disrupt transfer of asylum seekers from Villawood' by Kate Ausburn on Flickr

Refugees and asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island will never get the chance to come to Australia, if the Federal Government gets its way.

The legislation is set to be introduced next week, and it applies to adults who’ve tried to arrive by boat since 2013.

The life-time ban will stop people in offshore detention from coming here for business or travel, even if they’re found to be genuine refugees.

The government also hasn’t guaranteed that asylum seekers in Australia won’t be affected.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says the policy will stop people from country-hopping after they’re released from detention, with the hope that they could eventually move to Australia.

But critics say this approach is cruel, extreme and unnecessary.

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