Leadership upheavals – Greens di Natale & Nats McKenzie resign

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The Canberra press gallery were run ragged today as first Richard di Natale then Bridget McKenzie called press conferences to announce their resignations.

Whilst Deputy Nationals Leader Bridget McKenzie has been progressively pushed to the precipice by a relentless  media, ABC leaks put the lid on the barrel that was confirmed by the PM&C report called for by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.  The shock was less in the discovery that a Government of any colour was pork barrelling prior to an election, rather that McKenzie was found out with such a  flimsy “it’s all eligible” defence, despite having ample time to concoct something better.

Di Natale has had a bad knee op, and wants to spend more time with his family who are living in a bushfire area.  But given his ambulatory difficulties, his family might be less worried if he stayed in the safety of Canberra.  Canberra Correspondent Amanda Copp has the details.

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