(Image:G?????? s??? µ?? p? on Flickr) swich Domestic Violence Action Centre Rebecca Shearman who outlines some of the key indicators of domestic violence homicide, and how these situations are often preventable. Photo courtesy - Wikipedia ourt settlement in which one of the provisions was to establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The report released last week has had a mixed reception at the government level. The Conservative government in power has been slow to commit to any of the recommendations, while the opposition Liberal government has said that if they win the September elections they would implement them. The full report will be released later this year. The Wire's Kayla Dickeson reports. , and managed within the agreed Aboriginal Archeological and Cultural Management Plan for the site. A recent independent scientific assessment conducted by University of Queensland Cultural Heritage Unit anthropologists and archaeologists has confirmed that a suspected Aboriginal burial site at Maules Creek is not, in fact, a burial site. This independent assessment has been reviewed and endorsed by the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. Whitehaven continues to work closely with RAPs to ensure the salvage and protection of all heritage items within the project boundary.

Greece is today desperately trying to convince EU leaders it has the capacity to repay €1.8 billion ($2.4 billion AUD) to the IMF on Friday, and further larger tranches in August and September to the European Central Bank. Austerity riddled Greece is at the end of a rope, and some even feel a default will be preferable to dragging out the misery. But default could mean that Greek banks collapse and Greece becomes a failed state.

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