WA LNG plant linked to half Australia’s emissions increase

Image source: Pixabay

The Gorgon Project was set to be a game changer when it was announced in 2016.

The plant is considered a landmark development for clean coal.  The project aims to inject 80% of CO2 emissions underground and store them, to prevent them from reaching the atmosphere. It was estimated the plant could store between 3.5 – 4 mega-tonnes of CO2 every year.

But two years later, the project is still not in action. Chevron have been using the plant to produce and export gas, and have made a large profit already.  The company cites technical problems as the reason for the delay.

Over the past two years, gas production has doubled, and this has lead to an increase in CO2 emissions from the Gorgon plant.  Now the plant is responsible for half of Australia’s emissions increase.

Without serious clean energy changes, Australia is unlikely to meet its Paris target.

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