Raising a flag can be a dangerous business, especially if you’re a West Papuan celebrating independence in Papua today. West Papua became a part of Indonesia in the controversial “free choice” referendum in 1969, that critics say sidelined most of the Papuan population in favour of Indonesian control. But before the referendum there were hopes of true independence, and in 1961 the morning star flag was born. With renewed warnings from Indonesian authorities not to fly the flag today, two West Papuan refugees have disappeared from Australia, many from the pro independence movement are concerned they have been coerced into returning to Papua.

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Monday, December 1 2008
Produced By Shevonne Hunt
Featured in storyPeter King - Convenor of the West Papua Project at the Center of Peace and Conflict Studies at Sydney UniversityRichard Rumbiak- member of the Melbourne West Papuan Community Dino Kusnadi- spokesperson for the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra

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