Is Expansion the Future of Football in Australia?


Participation levels for playing football have never been higher in Australia and it is now the number one team sport in the country.

However, the majority of those that play, are not interested in watching our professional leagues. One of the most publicised methods to gain further fan engagement is to introduce new teams in new regions.

Recently, a third club in Sydney launched an application to the FFA, hoping to expand and become part of Australia’s professional leagues. But is expansion really the solution?

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Tuesday, May 30 2017
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Featured in storyCraig Foster, SBS Football Analyst and Director of Football at Southern ExpansionMatthew Bilic, Footballer at Sydney UnitedVanessa Bolzan, Manager of Fan Engagement at Football Federation AustraliaJessica Laycock, General Manager of Marketing and Fan Engagement at Football Federation AustraliaMark Rudan, Head Coach at Sydney United

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