Dual citizenship vortex could claim more victims

Barnaby Joyce - courtesy Wikicommons

Senator Nick Xenaphon has joined Senator Fiona Nash as the latest experienced parliamentarians to be referred to the High Court over the dual citizenship issue under section 44 of the Constitution.

Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese have also come under scrutiny, and whilst they say they comply with Section 44, it does seem as though more dominoes could fall.

The issue for most is that Section 44 requires that you should not be “ENTITLED to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power” and that means that through parents or grandparents or even some other law enacted by another country, a person may be permitted to apply for citizenship.  And renouncing that opportunity can also be a difficult process.

Is the High Court going to provide any comfort for those caught under complex hereditary citizenship laws?




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