Deal between Wilmar Sugar and QSL not so sweet

Image: Shella Thomson on Flickr

With the deadline for an agreement looming tomorrow, Burdekin canegrowers are angry.  Angry that they haven’t got the best prices for their cane with world sugar prices at all time highs; angry that Wilmar Sugar mill, their local mill, has been more than a little unenthusiastic about completing an agreement that would allow growers to shift the marketing of their cane to QSL, where they think they would get a better deal.

In yet another curious twist in Queensland politics, the KAP party introduced the bill that forced big sugar mills to negotiate with canegrowers about how they wished their product to be marketed. This was passed into law against the will of the Queensland Government.  Now Barnaby Joyce says he will intervene if the situation is not resolved. Rob Katter’s response: bring it on!

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