This week the IPCC has outlined a deeply depressing future for the planet, and its no longer a case of if the planet warms, but when.

Many of us are led to believe that it is the responsibility of the everyday Australian to do their part to combat climate change. But while the average person does their best by putting solar panels on the roof and recycling their plastic bottles, isn’t capitalism the real villain? Maybe its time for us to get serious about doing things differently, and address the true cause of this problem.

With over 50% of emissions coming from the richest 10% of people in the world, perhaps the onus of the climate crisis should be put on those who caused it.

Professor Brendan Mackey is the Director of the National Climate Change Adaption Research Facility at Griffith University. He spoke to the Wire’s Ayla Liebenberg about what this report means, and who is to answer for this crisis.

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