Are the Chinese Ambassador’s Comments on Taiwan Cause for Concern?

Image: Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Commonwealth of Australia

Following an address to the National Press Club where he made statements about Taiwanese independence advocates, Chinese Ambassador Xiao Qian was interviewed by 7:30.

In the interview the ambassador dodged questions regarding China’s potential use of force against Taiwan and further indicated that Taiwanese secessionists were seen as criminals by the Chinese Government.

The Wire investigated whether or not these statements indicated a serious threat to Taiwan and its citizens.

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Wednesday, September 7 2022
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Featured in storyDr Lai Ha Chan, Senior Lecturer in the Social and Political Sciences Program, UTSProfessor James Laurenceson, Director of the Australia-China Relations Institute, UTSJennifer Hsu, Research Fellow, The Lowy InstituteRatih Kabinawa, Doctoral Candidate, University of Western Australia

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