Under proposals leaked to The Australian newspaper, and based on the recent inception of anti-terrorism laws, the Federal Government is planning to toughen-up its counter-terrorism measures by keeping a closer eye on campus activities. The proposed measures, which stem from the Weapons of Mass Destruction or WMD Act, will monitor the use of scientific information and development of research in relation to WMDs. Some university officials have already been advised to report any suspicious activities by students that could be used to develop such Weapons. Although many in academia remain unaware of this proposal, various lobby groups have already voiced their concern. One such group is the National Tertiary Education Union, which claims that the concept will obstruct teaching and the free flow of information, and ultimately leave a ugly stain on scientific debate and academic freedom. Andrew Nette, the head of the Union’s policy and research unit, told The Wire that he wasn’t startled by the proposed measures.

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