Calls to crack down on advertising junk food to children

Image: PxHere - CC0

With South Australian children returning to school this week, there is growing concern around junk food advertising seen by children on their way to school – and its potential influences on children’s dietary choices and health.

Research suggests that the average Australian child has a one in four chance of being above a healthy weight. Much of this problem is determined by what food is consumed. Australian Children are reported to obtain approximately 40 per cent of their energy intake from junk food with just 5 per cent of Australian children eating enough fruit and vegetables.

New data from the Cancer Council SA reveals that 80 per cent of food and drink advertisements seen by South Australian children on their way to school relate to junk food.  This comes as the The SA Greens are urging the SA Government to back a Private Members Bill to ban junk food advertising within 500 meters of schools on bus stops and railway stations.

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