Boris “bomber” Johnson weighs in on EU vote

Image:(Jeff Djevdet on Flickr)

The UK media is again consumed with a referendum. This time it is to decide whether they stay in the European Union after joining the Common Market (as it was then way back in 1973). Again, nothing like this has ever occurred before so no one knows quite what will happen. Prime Minister David Cameron has decided to go to this poll early in his term, but now that leadership contender and rambunctious Mayor of London Boris Johnson has weighed in on the “leave” side, the carefully constructed plan could be rent asunder.

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Monday, February 29 2016
Produced By Roderick Chambers
Featured in storyProfessor Jürgen Bröhmer Professor of Law and Dean of the Law School Murdoch UniversityProfessor Clement Macintyre Department of Politics University of AdelaideDr Ben Wellings ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

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