Australian Human Rights Record criticized in UN calls to Raise the Age

Tinnakorn jorruang via Shutterstock

31 countries called for the Australian age of criminal responsibility be raised to 14 at The UN Universal periodic review (UPR) yesterday .

Countries including Canada, Germany, France and Italy expressed their concern that Australia is lacking in its obligation to uphold human rights.

This most recent international pressure to raise the age comes after consistent critique by both UN members, international and Australian-based Advocacy groups.

The current age of criminal responsibility in all States and Territories is 10 years of age. Several Human rights advocates and Australian legal services say the age is too young and disproportionately affects Indigenous children.

The current age has been reported as a contributor to Australia’s high rates of Indigenous incarceration and is being questioned by the UPR as a breach of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Australia is being called out on the international stage to raise the age, but will the Australian government listen?

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