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Slipper standing aside gives hope for pokie reform, says Tim Costello

Monday, April 23 2012

As the speaker of the federal parliament stood aside over the weekend amid allegations of sexual harassment and fraud, many...

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Spirits as high as the water in Nathalia

Wednesday, March 7 2012

Prime Minister Julia Gillard was in the flooded New South Wales town of Wagga Wagga today, to try and shore...

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Teenage Mums – Welfare or Work?

Thursday, May 5 2011

Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced plans to bring a tougher stance on Teenage Parents who recieve welfare, the plans being...

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Carbox tax lessons from overseas

Tuesday, March 1 2011

Climate change is again dominating political debate in Australia, with Julia Gillard vowing to introduce a carbon tax in July...

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Sweden’s sexual assault laws explained

Tuesday, February 8 2011

Since Julian Assange was accused of sexual misconduct and rape there has been much speculation about the veracity of the...

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Carbon tax – an interim measure, or could it be here to stay?

Monday, September 27 2010

Julia Gillard today announced the details of the new multi-party climate change committee. Gillard herself will head the committee, Greens...

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Gillard joins the “tough on refugees” election auction

Monday, July 5 2010

The Prime Minister Julia Gillard has indicated that she’s going to fight hard when it comes to refugees in the...

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Julia Gillard opposes gay marriages- her real view or aimed to appease conservatives?

Wednesday, June 30 2010

Even though she has recently said she is an atheist, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has now announced she is opposed...

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10 kids sent to Christmas Island – as last resort

Thursday, November 22 2007

Today 16 Indonesians – including 9 children and a baby – are being taken to Christmas Island, after they were...

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2007 Budget doesn’t help Indigenous Australia

Wednesday, May 9 2007

Last week the Wire reported a one- billion-dollar plan for Indigenous people in Treasurer Costello’s Federal Budget. But the final...

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