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Unions wary of restoring diplomatic ties with Fiji   
Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Produced by Natalie Muller

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Australia and New Zealand have patched up diplomatic relations with Fiji during trilateral discussions in Sydney. The Australian High Commissioner to Fiji was kicked out three years ago and accused of interfering in local politics. But now the envoy will return, following a commitment from the Pacific Nation it’s serious about holding democratic elections by 2014.

The union movements in Australia and New Zealand have been vocal about Fiji’s poor human rights record in recent years. They're cautious about the decision to re-open a dialogue, saying it could send the wrong message to the military government.

Featured in story
Professor Brij Lal - ANU College of Asia and the Pacific
Ged Kearney - President ACTU
Peter Conway - Secretary NZCTU

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