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Sydney 'Eye4Freedom' protest for Bahrain's pro-democracy movement   
Monday, 16 July 2012

Produced by Tawar Razaghi

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The Arab Spring has received a lot of coverage since its beginning in 2011. Countries like Egypt, Syria and Libya have been at the forefront of everyone's mind with nightly news coverage. But not many are aware of the protest movement in the Island state of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. Bahrain renewed attempts over the weekend to quell the movement by banning opposition rallies. They say it is in order to prevent violence. But the opposition movement says it is to silence them.

The Bahrain Australian Youth Movement organized protests in both Brisbane and Sydney in an international day of solidarity with Bahraini pro-democracy movement. Image: Bahraini Australian Youth Movement protesting at Martin Place by Tawar Razaghi

Featured in story
Abdul Elah Al Hubaishi - Bahraini Australian Youth Movement (BAYM) member
Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh - Asia Institue of Melbourne University

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