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Insult to PM flies under media radar   
Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Produced by Chris Brunner

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Julia Gillard has taken her fair share of insults since becoming Prime Minister, but the most recent of these attacks seems to have gone under the media radar.

This week on Sky News, Liberal party insider, Grahame Morris said that Julia Gillard, “Ought to be kicked to death”. So far the mainstream media has let this slide and Mr Morris has not been asked to apologise. Editor of IndependentAustralia.net, David Donovan, has not let it go and he’s shocked at the complicity of the mainstream media. Image courtesy of Independentaustralia.net

Featured in story
David Donovan - Editor, IndependentAustralia.net
Wendy Harmer - Editor, Thehoopla.com.au

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