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Alleviating poverty and maintaining the bottom line: can it be done?   
Monday, 29 July 2013

Produced by Rachel Worsley & Emma Rennie

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A Poverty Alleviation and Profitability roundtable discussion at the University of Sydney's Business School today discussed whether or not big businesses could play a role in alleviating poverty and still make a profit.

Business and marketing professionals, academics, non-profit workers and government representatives all attended the roundtable to look at the challenges businesses face when they try to make a profit and alleviate poverty simultaneously, and how those challenges can be fixed. But it raised the question, just how ethical is it to make money off the poorest members of society? Rachel Worsley reports. (Image by Michelle Brea on Flickr)

Featured in story
Dr Ranjit Voola - Roundtable organiser and Director of the Poverty Alleviation and Profitability Research Group, University of Sydney
Tharani Jegatheeswaran - Roundtable expert speaker and Client Director Non-Profit, Deloitte Private
David Faulmann - Roundtable expert speaker and Communications and Stakeholder Manager, Business for Millennium Development

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