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About The Wire

The Wire is a daily current affairs program broadcast exclusively on Community and Indigenous radio stations around Australia.

More than 5 million people across Australia can tune into any weekday, and while the numbers are big, The Wire has perhaps the most diverse audience for any individual program in any media sector.

The Wire is available via the Community Radio Network satellite and the CAAMA Radio satellite to more than 200 stations in city, regional, rural and remote communities, including many remote Indigenous communities and including places with no other broadcast media.

Who makes The Wire?

Where can I listen?

Editorial Policy

Want to broadcast The Wire?

Broadcast dates for this year

Who supports The Wire?

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Who makes The Wire?

A consortium of progressive community broadcasters: Radio Adelaide, 2SER in Sydney and 4EB in Brisbane. The consortium works together to develop The Wire as a key alternative information source via broadcast, online and social media, seeking funds to support the project. Contact details here.

Each station appoints co-ordinating producers and more than 100 community broadcasters are trained and contribute each year as story producers.

The Wire team also includes three "contributer stations", CAAMA Alice Springs, RTR FM Perth and Joy 94.9 in Melbourne, who each produce a story per week.

Where can I listen?

The Wire is broadcast to stations via the CRN satellite at 5.04pm Sydney time. Many stations play us live, some record and replay a little later. Please contact your local station; check our broadcast stations here. If your local station doesn't play The Wire, please let them know you’d like to hear it!

You can listen to The Wire online by going to:

http://www.radio.adelaide.edu.au 17.30pm Adelaide time

http://www.2ser.com/stream 18.00pm Sydney time

http://www.4eb.org.au/ 05.30 Brisbane time, 13.00 Brisbane time

Editorial Policy

The Wire takes an independent approach to current issues. We offer critical coverage, which challenges all points of view, puts issues and events in context and always asks 'why’?.

The Wire will:

1. Add to public awareness and understanding of important issues, by contributing new and useful information, analysis and comment.
2. Cover a range of issues for a national audience: local, regional, state, national and Indigenous.
3. Draw ideas and information as far as possible from communities, organisations, and individuals directly involved in social action or directly affected by policies, decisions or proposals.
4. Concentrate on developments in areas such as the environment, education, social justice and global politics.
5. Priorities the voices of people under-represented in social decision-making, including women, Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, people on low incomes.
6. Question and challenge the views of those with economic, social and political power, including representatives of government, corporations and authorities, as well as conventional wisdom.
7. Concentrate on issues and events, rather than personalities, avoiding stories that are merely superficial or sensational.
8. Translate and demystify language.
9. Abide by the Community Radio Codes of Practice.

Want to broadcast The Wire?

Licensed Australian Community and Indigenous radio stations can broadcast The Wire. It is available through:

The Community Radio Network: www.cbaa.org.au

The CAAMA Satellite Network: www.caama.com.au

Broadcast dates for this year

2015 Broadcast Season
The Wire broadcasts 52 weeks a year

January 1-30 - The Wire Specials, Key Stories of 2014

Monday February 2 - The Wire 2015 live programs start

Friday December 11 - The Wire 2015 live programs end

December 14-31 - The Wire Specials, 2015 in Review

Who supports The Wire?

The three consortium stations, 2ser, Radio Adelaide and 4EB provide facilities, resources, management and co-ordination.

More than 100 volunteer producers each year provide their energy and commitment.

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia provides the original satellite broadcast and co-ordination through its Community Radio Network (CRN) and program data and ordering through its Digital Delivery Network (DDN).

CAAMA Radio makes the program available to all stations on its satellite network through rebroadcast, and CAAMA’s journalists are regular contributors to the program.

Produced with the assistance of the Department of Communications via the Community Broadcasting Foundation

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